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Virtuoz Agency is a French artistic Agency operating in Paris, Lyon, and Marseille, working to open itself up to the world.

It shelters both French and international talents.
We chose to open an office in beautiful Barcelona, giving us the opportunity to penetrate the Hispanic and Latin American market.

More than a simple artistic agency, Virtuoz is an original concept as we represent different types of talents, each benefiting from a personalized support.

Working hard while remaining available, paying close attention, keeping constant touch with our talents, allows us to create a true collaboration resulting in very concrete outcomes. 

Thanks to our ever developing network, we have been positioning ourselves internationally, creating artistic connections           between France, Spain, South America and the U.S


Today our talents come from different continents, cultures and origins, but they all unite around one common passion : JOUER.

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Brooke Lanziner

Rocio Verdejo

Agustina Soldano

Kayla Eva

Jessica Ceron

Alicia Lorente

Susana Merino


The artist is at the center of our project. We value human connection, always putting quality before quantity. Each artist is unique, even more so at Virtuoz’s.  

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