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Kayla Eva


NETFLIX I Griselda I Director Andrés Baiz I Role : Frida

In “Griselda”, she plays Ernesto Alterio’s character’s wife, Frida. She loathes Griselda, played by Sofia Vergara, as her husband coerced her into his bedroom as a repayment for a failed deal. Kayla had to put on a Colombian Spanish accent for this role.

APPLE TV, AMAZON I Soul Mates I Director Mark Gantt I Role : Liana

In “Soul Mates”, she plays Liana, Charlie Weber’s character’s girlfriend forced into lying about their faithfulness for the evil schemes of Neal McDonough’s “matchmaker” character. That movie was her debut on the big screen with an AMC release in 700 theaters nationwide.

SHOWTIME, PARAMOUNT+ I American Gigolo I Director Damian Marcano I Role : Kerry

In “American Gigolo”, she plays a hustler who helps Jon Bernthal’s character in his search for his son.

HULU I Out Of Death I Director Mike Burns I Role : News Reporter

In “Out of Death”, Kayla plays a news reporter, who informs Bruce Willis about a tragedy.

APPLE TV, AMAZON I 2 Minutes of Fame I Director Leslie Small I Role : Katt William's

In “2 Minutes of Fame”, Kayla is Katt William’s wardrobe assistant, making snarky comments.

BET+I Haus of Vicious I Director Kim Fields I Role : Dayna

In “Haus of Vicious” on BET+ Kayla plays a side chick who becomes a psychopath as her boyfriend’s wife decides they can’t have an open relationship anymore. Realistically switching from hysteria to anger within 30 seconds. They were supposed to kill her character at the end of the first season but the creators rewrote the second season in order to keep her.

APPLE TV I Get the Girl I Director Chris Jai Alex I Role : Renee Guyver

In “Get The Girl” Kayla plays a badass assassin trying to put down Sean Patrick Flannery’s character’s trafficking schemes.

BET+ I Paradise I, II & III I Director I Dale Stelly I Role : Lucia

In Paradies I, II & III plays the lead creature for the horror franchise.

In “Cash Collector” Kayla plays Samy Naceri’s French assistant. The movie features Michael Madsen and is yet unreleased

In “Skumjas” an award winning short film, Kayla plays a hispanic tomboy, in a dysfunctional long distance relationship

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Aurelia Khazan Cannes Film Festival.jpeg
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